It’s like the internet
and a Yearbook had a baby

Why Idiom?

Give us 4 minutes and 24 seconds and we’ll tell you why!

We’ve got cool features coming out the app!

Personal Page

It really is all about you. Idiom Digital Yearbooks gives you your own personal page where you can tell your own story and upload your own photos… for life! Stay connected using Social Media connections. Friends can sign your Yearbook using a text and video signature. Idiom continues your story, picking up where the print Yearbook left off.

Video Memories

Sure, there are school videos on YouTube, but good luck finding them 10 years from now. Video worth watching needs to be right in your Yearbook. With an Idiom Yearbook every section gets unlimited video. Unleash the movie director in you and upload videos your classmates will actually be able to find years from now.

Prom & Graduation

Important events like the Prom and Graduation never make it into most yearbooks. Who thinks this is a good idea? We certainly don’t. Whenever they take place there’s no excuse to leave them out. An Idiom Yearbook lets your Staff add events even after your book has been released to the students!

any time…
any place!

Where’s my Yearbook?… probably stuffed in a box somewhere. If you can’t put your hands on it, you’ll never look at it! Idiom Yearbooks are Cloud based and completely mobile. They go where you go. That’s why it’s the Yeabook you’ll actually use!

Constantly Updateable

She married who? Idiom’s Future Events section lets you find out. Also find out where classmates went to college, even what job they have. You’ll be able to see cute pictures of the new baby she had with “What’s his name”. You’ll be able to watch each other growing older with reunion photos & videos.

Never Lost!

“OMG! Where’s my Yearbook?” said no one who owns an Idiom Digital Yearbook… ever! You may lose your keys… or your mind, but you’ll never lose your Idiom Yearbook. Your Yearbook memories are safely stored in the cloud the same way you store music and photos. You couldn’t lose an Idiom Digital Yearbook if you tried!

Raise your hand
if you want a free trial!

This isn’t a trick question... Seriously, if you want to see a fully functioning Idiom Yearbook, simply click the link below. A demo will allow you to see for yourself just what your Idiom Yearbook could look like.

Must be viewing website ( from a phone to download this demo.

Price… Any Questions?

Pricing for Idiom yearbooks is simple. You pay just $5 for unlimited lifetime access to your Idiom Digital Yearbook. Yeah… that’s right… five bucks, gets you everything a print Yearbook has and all the cool stuff only a digital Yearbook can deliver, for only…you guessed it, $5! At that price you won’t have to choose between digital or print… Go ahead, get ‘em both!

The cost to schools is a $250 subscription fee for Idiom Create™, the software used to create Idiom Yearbooks… That’s it!

Wait… Can we get’em

Still want a print Yearbook? We get it, print books are a great tradition.

But for the price of a piece of pizza and a Coke, you can enjoy having a print book as an archival copy AND an Idiom Digital Yearbook that you will be interacting with and updating anywhere, anytime for the rest of your life.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated!

Life doesn’t have to be complicated!

What do you have
in common with these two?

Your Yearbook for one thing!
Sure… you’re way cooler than these two, but your Yearbook is still the same boring “do nothing” print yearbook they have. The one they can’t find anymore.

Get an Idiom Yearbook!
It’s totally digital… totally mobile, totally loaded with video and totally cool! Use the social media connections right in the app! Sign everyone’s yearbook with either a text or video signature! Update your very own “My Page” with your photos.

Check out more cool features in the Cool Features section!

Creating a Yearbook masterpiece is as easy as point and click

So easy to use it must have been divinely inspired. Just a click… a drag and a drop brings your Digital Yearbook creation to life with Idiom Create™ software. Building a print book takes an eternity, but building an Idiom Digital Yearbook can be done in a fraction of the time. Once you try it, you’ll wonder why in heaven no one ever thought of this before!

Don’t take it on Faith… see for yourself!

Think of Idiom as a
pain reliever
for Yearbook advisors

We feel your pain Producing a print Yearbook is no easy job. It’s full of painful things, like deadlines, page limits, tight budgets, collecting student money, late deliveries, not to mention mistakes no one spotted until after the book was printed. All of these chronic headaches simply disappear when you use Idiom to build and deliver a digital Yearbook directly to the cloud. Long suffering Yearbook advisors are finding Idiom is just what the doctor ordered.

Rollout the digital future in your school!

Show’em how you roll!

Change starts with you! Switching from a print Yearbook to a digital cloud-based solution is a way to preserve memories and allow your students to stay connected. It also tells your community you’ve embraced the Digital Revolution.
Your life will become less complicated when the Yearbook is no longer a drag on your budget, there are no contracts to negotiate, no late books and mistakes can be instantly fixed post distribution.
Your students already embrace everything digital and are waiting for their Yearbook to catch up… It finally has!

It’s the Yearbook
your Students really want!

Save a tree while you save senior memories!

It’s kinda like you’re environmentally multi tasking...

Preserving this planet’s natural resources is something everyone needs to take seriously. If your school isn’t offering an Idiom Digital Yearbook they’re not doing all they can. You need to speak out! Get a spectacular Yearbook without a single “dead tree” on your conscience. Another paper Yearbook that ends up in a cardboard box isn’t environmentally responsible.

  • Go Green…
  • Go Digital…
  • Go Idiom!

Meet our head of security!

With him in charge you know we take security very seriously.
Rest assured your precious Yearbook video and photo memories are safely and securely stored in the cloud. Unlike other companies you’ve heard about, we won’t let anyone get their paws on your personal info. We guard it ferociously. We’ll never sell or share it with anyone!

Nobody likes your Yearbook that is. Idiom helps ensure none show up. Our automated filters keep a tight leash on inappropriate, unwanted content from ever being uploaded. You know… the kind of stuff that could land you in the dog house!

Changing to Digital couldn’t
be any easier!

We’ll hold your hand all the way...
Step 1: Your school needs to subscribe to Idiom Create™. Once your school has purchased Idiom Create™ your staff can begin creating your Yearbook.

Step 2: After your school has subscribed everyone who wants to purchase an Idiom Digital Yearbook can easily download the app to their mobile device.

Step 3: Take the first baby step by clicking one of the buttons below to make your purchase now!
Change is a good thing.
Ask any baby with a dirty diaper.