We LOVE Yearbooks!

Our Founder, Tom Kehoe, has been a Yearbook Representative working in New York City since 1976 (don’t do the math, he knows he’s old. His first girlfriend, Mary Todd, dumped him for a guy named Abe Lincoln). Yearbooks have been his life since he graduated from College.

Our Co-Founder, Tim Irwin, comes from the Advertising Business, is an accomplished artist and has been responsible for the fantastic look of our Digital Yearbook. Tim’s attention to detail is epic and that is reflected in the exceptional design of the Idiom Yearbook.

Tom began wondering why, in this digital age we live in, the Yearbook had to make so many compromises? Why does everyone’s Yearbook end up in a box somewhere? Why does a video not play when you touch a triangle in the book? How did the digital revolution bypass the Yearbook?

Rather than wasting time researching the answer to those questions, Tom decided to do something about it. Next thing ya know, Idiom was born! Well, it took a lot more time than ‘next thing ya know’, but Idiom was born, porting the Yearbook to the cloud and sending it right back down to your cell phone. The Yearbook is all caught up now and can do all of the things everyone wants their Yearbook to do plus a few things they just never thought of.
We’ve designed and put together a Yearbook that will keep the class updated and connected. A Yearbook that celebrates the entire year, has room for everything and everybody, is always accessible and is the cost of a cheap lunch!

Our Mission Statement is to preserve memories of a very important year, to celebrate an exceptional accomplishment and to make sure those memories can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

We also want to create a Yearbook that would help keep the Class connected post-Graduation. Twenty years from now we think it will be really exciting to grab your phone, open your Yearbook and be able to see what your Classmates look like, what they have been doing, what their accomplishments were. We want to make it easy to connect with them through the contacts information they placed in the book.

We want to not just preserve memories but to keep the class connected. We think we have created the perfect space for you and your memories!