How long will Idiom host my Yearbook?

Forever. There will be NO additional cost… ever!

What if a student uploads some objectional material after the Yearbooks have been handed out?

There are several solutions:

  1. We have filters which will not allow images and text of an objectional nature to be uploaded.
  2. Should something get slip by, even if it is material that had been put in the book before it was distributed, your Yearbook Advisor, someone at your school or at Idiom can go into the Yearbook and delete anything that should not be there.
  3. Of course, your Yearbook Community can also monitor your book post distribution for potential issues also.

Will you sell our information?

Absolutely NOT. Your privacy is of great importance to us at Idiom.

Is our information safe?

Yes, it is. We host your material on AWS (Amazon Work Space) which uses the latest security measures available. Companies such as Netflix, Adobe and NASA use AWS!

If there is a problem with the Company, what will happen to my Yearbook?

You can download a PDF copy of your Yearbook directly to your phones hard drive.

Will Idiom sell any of our information?

NO… Idiom will NOT sell any of your information or allow any outside vendor to have access to ANY of our Yearbook client’s information.

How long will I be able to upload new pictures on My Page?


How long will I be able to send Messages and Text Blasts to my Classmates?


What are the Yearbook Deadlines?

There really are none. They Yearbook will be ready to distribute IMMEDIATELY after the book is published.

Do my Text Blasts go to everyone?

Yes, or you can setup groups (teammates, special group of friends, etc.) or send individual texts.

Will I have to pay anything more in the future to access my Idiom Yearbook?


Can I delete any of pictures I have uploaded to my 'My Page'?

Yes, just click the Trash Can in the upper right corner of the picture.

What do we do if there is mistake in the Yearbook after it has been distributed?

Your Yearbook Advisor can reactivate your Idiom Yearbook account anytime to make corrections and edits.

Can the Yearbook Staff add anything to the Yearbook after distribution?

Yes, the Yearbook Staff will have the option to add the Graduation and Prom to your already distributed Yearbook.

Can the Seniors add the pictures to the Yearbook after distribution?

Yes, they will be able to add pictures to their ‘Me Page’ (which will be viewable to their Classmates on that Seniors ‘My Page’). They will also be able to add pictures into the ‘Future Event’s Section (Wedding, Careers, Reunions, Babies, Higher Education Institutions).

Can I contact my Classmates in the Idiom Yearbook?

Yes, each Senior will fill out a Questionnaire that will have the option to include their contact information and there will be links on their ‘My Page’.

Can we stay in touch with our Teachers?

Yes, each Administrator/Teacher will have their own ‘My Page’ where students can contact them as well as view photographs that the Administrators/Teachers may upload photographs after Graduation (forever).

What do I do if I lose my Yearbook or Login Information?

Your Yearbook will be saved permanently on our servers, you can’t lose your Yearbook! However, if you have forgotten your upload information, contact the company, we will make sure you get it.

Is there a limit to the number of Text/Video Signatures I can have in my book?


How do I visit a Classmates 'My Page'?

Touch the ‘Senior Directory’ icon in the Table of Contents. Scroll to the Classmate who’s My Page you would like to view and then touch the button ‘View My page’.

Is there a limit to the amount of text I can have on my 'My Page'?


Will my Yearbook have all school Activities/Events in the book, even Graduation and late school year events?

Yes. Your Yearbook Staff will have no deadlines and can include everything that happens even at the end of the year.

Is there a limit to the number of 'Reunions' we can have?


Does the School or Yearbook Staff get to keep the money raised from selling Local Ads?


How do I edit Future Events?

Go to the Future Events splash screen and touch the ‘Edit/Update’ icon.

Help and information

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